When the menu item in the Header menu widget is not translated on changing the user's language, verify if there is a translated text for that menu item. If there is no translated text in [sys_translated_text] table, the menu item will not be translated.


The menu items in order to be translated, a translation record must exist on the Translated Text [sys_translated_text] table. For all the entries in the Header menu, there should be a translated text. If there is not an entry in the [sys_translated_text] table, the menu item will not be translated.

Below is the procedure to create a translated text

1)Navigate to "sys_translated_text" table 

2)Click on the new button

3)Configure the record with the below details

Table Name : Menu Item [sp_rectangle_menu_item] 
Language: French 
Field Name: My Approvals 
Value : Mes approbations(translation) 

Change the Language, Field name and value according to your needs.

Additional Information

Refer the below product documentation to know more about translated text 

Translated Text

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