Unable to submit any catalog item in Service Portal after upgrading to London. Nothing happens when clicking the submit button. Only a message saying "Submitting…" is displayed next to the Submit button as the below picture shows:




In the Browser Developer Tools, the Console TAB will show the 400 (Bad Request) error with the message "Mandatory variables are not filled". Below an example:





Based on the 400 error, the issue occurs calling /submit_producer. So if we search for submit_producer in the Network TAB of the Browser Developer Tools, we will get the Request Payload of the REST call under Headers. Below and example:





Notice the variable sys_ids are displayed instead of the variable names. Also notice all variables are being passed.  






Issue is caused by PRB1248440, which is fixed in London. However, since the issue happens after the upgrade, that means the "SC Catalog Item" widget that is being used to displayed the catalog items was customized previously to upgrade to London. If the Out of the box "SC Catalog Item" widget that comes with London is used, then the error will not occur and the submit will work. 



Use the OOB "SC Catalog Item" widget that comes with London. This widget can be cloned and modified as needed.

Notice that when the correct widget is used, the Request Payload displays the variables names instead of the sys_ids, also an additional parameter is added, sysparm_no_validation=true.





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