On the Portfolio Workbench, the target cannot be set for specific years, even if the budget period is open.

When no target has been set yet, the "Set Target" button is disabled. If a target is already set, when clicking the current value, a modal form pops up but the fields are read-only.


Kingston Patch 8


The Portfolio Workbench uses the information on the Fiscal Calendar to check if the fiscal period for the selected year is open. To check the current status of the existing fiscal years:

  1. On the navigator, under the "Fiscal Calendar" application, open "Fiscal Periods";
  2. A list will be shown with all the fiscal periods. Click on the top left filter icon and set the "Fiscal Type" to "Year";
  3. Check the "Open" field for each year. If not present, add the column to the list (click the cog on the left of the list header and add the "Open" column the the selected list);


To be able to create or edit the portfolio target for a fiscal year, set the "Open" field to true for the year on the fiscal period. You can either:

  • Edit directly in the list;
  • Open the fiscal period record, check the "Open" checkbox and save;


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