The ECB Exchange Rate URL has been changed.  The old URL (http://www.ecb.int/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml) is redirecting to a new location (https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml).
Our platform downloads the XML document from the ECB site.  The downloader we utilize is not able to process the redirect for the new URL.  Because of the recent ECB change, the downloader will display an "empty XML" error.  As a result, the default daily exchange rate refresh is not working (fx_rate stopped loading new rates every day).

Steps to Reproduce


The following steps can be completed to confirm the impact to your instance:

  1. Login to the instance as admin
  2. Now go to System Localization > Load Exchange Rates
  3. Observe the error "Error downloading: Empty XML"
  4. Sort the list by "Created," observing there are no new rates loaded for the current day
The System log will also display the "Empty XML" error.


ServiceNow has devised a workaround script that will automatically download the rates via a scheduled job from the new URL.  The workaround utilizes a new sys_trigger record, attached here (sys_trigger_2c2e8f28b32023003daa0c71c6a8dca0.xml).  Please import the job via Import XML.  The ServiceNow documentation site describes how to do this here.  

This workaround should only be applied if it's determined that the rate downloader is not working. To determine if the rate downloader is not working, please complete the steps to reproduce by executing the "Load Exchange Rates" module (see steps to reproduce).  

The sys_trigger job is only designed to run if the issue still exists with the ECBDownloader.  Thus if the issue is not present the job will exit early.  Note that the sys_trigger record workaround will not fix the "Load Exchange Rates" module as that will still use the old URL and generate the error.  The pre-existing functionality for downloading rates will be fixed in a future version.  The workaround is to provide relief until that fix is released in the future version.

To confirm the workaround is successful once the job is imported, please validate it has run at least once via the transactions (background) module or by checking the next action date on the sys_trigger record.  The name of the job to search for is ConversionRateDownloader.

If the job is confirmed to have run at least once, you can validate that the rate download was successful by checking the fx_rate table to verify that records were inserted after the job execution time. 

Related Problem: PRB1303161

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Kingston Patch 10
London Patch 1 Hot Fix 2
London Patch 2

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