Add/Remove multiple button for list field type doesn't work as expected. This covers the dot-walked and non-dot-walked fields. Any reference qualifiers added to this field will also not work correctly. 


There are several symptoms seen for this issue primarily the slush bucket for the selected values auto-populating with a lot of unrelated data.


The issue has been documented in several PRBs which have been closed as a duplicate:





Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new field on kb_knowledge:
Table: kb_knowledge
Type: List
Column label: List on KB
Column name: list_on_kb
Choice: Dropdown with --None—

Reference: sys_user

2. Add a simple reference qualifier to this field:
Reference qual condition: Name starts with Abel

3. Test this field on kb_knowledge directly by clicking on the Add/Remove multiple icon
 see now that the reference qualifier works as expected

4. Navigate to any incident and create a new field:
Name: knowledge Reference
Type: Reference
Table: kb_knowledge

5. Configure the incident form to add in the dot-walk field from step 1:
- Configure form layout > Knowledge Reference > List on KB

6. Now click on the Add/Remove multiple icon on this dot-walk field
 See now that all results are returned. Not expected as it should only return 1 record like in step 3.


There is no workaround available for this issue currently.

Related Problem: PRB1299102

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