After committing an Update Set that is creating or deleting a dictionary record, the error below is thrown when trying to access the table:

Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task0.a_str_10' in 'field list')

Steps to Reproduce


This is not immediately reproducible, due to the different instance nodes required.

1. Login the instance as administrator.

2. Insert a record into sys_dictionary with:
Type: Reference
Name/label: Anything
Table: Task
Reference table: cmn_department

3. Log out and log in again until the load balancer redirects landing on another node.

4. Navigate to the record created in step 2 and see the label is blank.


This problem is fixed in London, if an upgrade is not possible yet, contact customer support to apply the necessary workaround.

Related Problem: PRB1204535

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