You may notice some forms (incident for example) have an Email icon in the header menu which opens up an email client window.  Here we discuss how to toggle this feature for forms.


This is controlled by an Attribute on the target table.  As an example, let's add the Email option to the Problem form.

  1. Enter 'sys_dictionary.list' in the Filter Navigator
  2. Filter where Table = problem
  3. Open the Collection record
  4. Select the Advanced view from the Related Links
  5. Now the 'Attributes' field is visible.  Add 'email_client=true' to the comma-delimited list, and then Save the record.
  6. Navigate to a Problem record. Notice you will now have the 'Email' envelope option


Screenshot Reference

email icon


Additional Information

You can find this and other attributes here: List of Dictionary Attributes

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