Certain field classes don't show up after clicking on the maginfier icon for 'Type' field of a Dictionary (sys_dictionary) record.

Release or Environment

All releases.


Navigate to any existing "String" type sys_dictionary entry. Click on field "Type" and observe that all field classes are displayed including "Reference", "Date", "Date/Time".
This is because of the field class "String" extending "String" on the sys_glide_object table. As the String type class is a superset of all field types, other field types are contained in it.
The same doesn't happen if you open an existing "Date" type sys_dictionary entry. If you click on the reference icon for the "Type" field for a Date field, it will only show the field classes related to Date.

This is because of the field class "Date" extends only "Date" type fields. Hence fields related to the 'Date' object only show up when you click on the reference icon for a date type field.

Additional Information


  1. Navigate to any "String" type dictionary entry. Click on "Type" reference icon and observe that the field class "Reference" appears.
  2. Go to sys_glide_object.list and click on the record with the label as "String". Change the "Extends" field to ""Date/Time".
  3. Open the "String" type dictionary entry and now click on the 'Type' reference icon. It will only show fields like Date, Date/Time etc., basically all field class that extends Date/Time object.

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Last Updated:2020-09-05 09:51:34