Often customers log incident claiming that when they provide a feedback on a knowledge article, a feedback record is created in the Knowledge Feedback table (kb_feedback) but a feedback task (kb_feedback_task) is not created




1) These plugins need to be activated (com.snc.knowledge_advanced & com.snc.knowledge_serviceportal).

2) When the plugins are active, the following two properties need to be set.

Create actionable feedback task when an article is marked as not helpful. (
Create actionable feedback task when an article is rated at or lower than this value. 0 or no value indicates that actionable feedback tasks are not enabled for Rating type feedback. (                                         3

 Note: A value greater than 0 needs to be set for the Feedback Task to be created according to the documentation:



1) Open the Knowledge Service Portal (kb) not the standard Service Portal (sp), eg:

2) Search and open a knowledge article

3) Scroll to the bottom of the page to see 'Rate this article', click on 2 stars.

4) A popup (Thank you for the feedback) should appear, pick a reason and comments, then click Submit. see screenshot

5) Verify the kb_feedback and kb_feeback_task tables and notice new records being created.



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This feature is available in the London release

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