On performance analytics, an indicator configured with one or more additional conditions using CONTAINS operator for a reference field collects with error.

In the Data Collection Job that does the collection for the application, the job logs will complete with state "Collected with errors"

Steps to Reproduce

On an instance with Performance Analytics Premium Plugin:

  1. Create a new indicator using the OOTB indicator source "Knowledge.Article.Published"
  2. Add the additional condition "Category (kb_category)" "CONTAINS" "Application" and save the indicator
  3. Add this new to the OOTB PA Job [PA Knowledge] Daily Data Collection
  4. Execute the collection of the PA Job

    Expected Results: The collection completes without error
    Actual Results: The collection completes with the state "Collected with errors"


 Currently the workaround suggested for this issue can be done in two ways:

  1. Use the direct attribution is instead of contains:

  2. Use contains while doing a dot-walk to a valid String field of the reference field table:

However, the first option here will yield better results when collecting the data as the IS condition generates a database query that will make use of the index set up for the reference field, while the CONTAINS condition will not use the index and will cause the SQL Query to be significantly slower.

Related Problem: PRB1303298

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