When closing an open incident, both Business rules named 'mark_resolved' and 'mark_closed' are being executed. As a result the 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' fields + the 'Closed' and 'Closed by' fields are being updated respectively if they are empty.


  • when reopening the incident, the 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' fields are being cleared while the 'Closed' and 'Closed by' fields retain their original values,
  • when closing the incident again, the 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' fields are being updated with new values while the 'Closed' and 'Closed by' fields still retain their original values.

Why are the 'Closed' and 'Closed by' fields not being cleared and updated again?


When reopening an Incident, the 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' fields only are cleared by the 'Clear Resolve fields' Business Rule:

This is also mentioned in the documentation in the 'Incident resolution and recovery' chapter.

The values in the 'Closed' and 'Closed by' fields are not being cleared because we want to keep track of the first time the incident has been closed for reporting and calculation purposes.

Additional Information

When reopening an incident, not only the 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' fields are cleared but the 'Last reopened by' and the 'Last reopened at' fields are automatically populated with the name of the person who reopened it and the date and time when the incident is reopened. The 'Reopen count' field is also updated. More information is available in the 'Incident Management state model' chapter in the documentation.

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