Build info: London patch 1

Steps to Reproduce


1. De-activate UI policy "Show/Hid Annotations tab" so Annotation tab will display on platform view:

2. Navigate to catalog item "Apple iPad 3".

3. Add a CheckBox variable.

4. Navigate to Annotation tab.

5. Make sure "Show help" and "Always Expanded" are checked.

6. Add some Help text: "Test CheckBox Annotation"

7. Click "Submit"

8. Click "Try it"
Notice that the help text is not showing.

9. Navigate to Apple iPad 3 on Service Portal
Notice that the help text is not showing – see the screenshot

1. The issue occurs on both Lodon patch 0 and patch 1, on both platform view and Service Portal.
2. The issues does NOT occur on KP8 for Service Portal, but does occur on platform view.


This issue was reviewed by ServiceNow and determined as not a problem. 

As per the documentation below, Show help is not available for checkbox variables so this is working as designed


Related Problem: PRB1303188

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