Automated Test Framework was failing at "Open a New Form" step with below error,

This step failed because a client-side Javascript error was detected on the page being tested. 
See the logs and screenshots on the test result for details.

Same error is shown in below screenshot in context with ATF step.

Looking into the Test Log, observed below errors,

Failure Uncaught Error: Chart.js library needs to be included, see

Failure Uncaught TypeError: can not read property 'module' of null

Failure Uncaught ReferenceError: action is not defined 

Same errors are shown in below screenshot from ATF logs:


Any supported release. 


The "Open a New Form" steps fails, due to the java script error as logged in the test logs. These error can be observed on browser console via loading the same form manually on the platform.


A. For "Uncaught Error: Chart.js library needs to be included", details are available in KB0712275 - Why "Uncaught Error: chart.js library needs to be included" occurs


B. For "Uncaught TypeError: can not read property 'module' of null, details are available in KB0712276 - Why "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'module' of null" occurs?


C. For "Uncaught ReferenceError: action is not defined , details are available in KB0712277 - Why "Uncaught ReferenceError: action is not defined" occurs?


When the java script errors are resolved on the form, "Open a New Form" step will automatically pass on the Automated Test Framework.

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