Spell checker functionality not working in a browser for the the content saved before the browser spell checker is enabled




If there is a short description: "This is a spel checkr tst" that was saved before the browser spell checker was enabled, there will not be any spell checking performed on the saved short description after the browser spell checker is enabled.

Hence, the cause of this behavior is that the browser spell checker was enabled after the misspelled content was already saved.


The behavior is expected. 
Because the content was saved before the spell checker was enabled in the browser, it could not detect the errors. 
Now so that the spell checker is enabled, if you add any further content, it will make sure to spell check it. 
The reason saved content doesn't show errors is because they are already saved as it was when the spell checker was not yet enabled.  

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Last Updated:2018-09-10 16:59:56