Sometimes we may need to configure the MID Server service OR MID Server host auto restart on a schedule basis. With this configuration, sometimes the MID Server service may fail to auto-start. Or sometimes the MID Server service fails to auto-start. In these cases, if we look at the MID Server wrapper logs, we may find the below error messages:


2018/01/13 06:08:11 | Launching a JVM...
2018/01/13 06:08:45 | Startup failed: Timed out waiting for a signal from the JVM.
2018/01/13 06:08:45 | JVM did not exit on request, terminated


The cause for the above issue and solution are discussed in this article.


All versions.


MID Servers hosted on Windows boxes.


Wrapper software communicates with your started JVM very often and checks whether it's alive or not. When you make your application sleep, that communication fails and the wrapper notifies the process hung and attempts to restart it. To avoid this you have to configure the wrapper.ping.timeout in your wrapper conf. To avoid timeout set the property to "0". 


The MID Server host might be overloaded and/or slow on the system.

If you have any timeout issue in the start up of the application (The default timeout value is 30 seconds) Change the value in wrapper conf to "0" in order to avoid restarting application. wrapper.startup.timeout=0

In the wrapper file, edit the below property.
- Edit in wrapper.conf to add the line 

(( which indicates to never timeout on startup )) 

- Restart the MID Server 

Note: Please refer below link for best practices on editing the wrapper files.


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