How to remove weekends while using Agile Development burndown report 

Is it possible to remove weekends from Agile Development burndown report?

In ServiceNow Agile Development module, currently, the platform does not have the capability to exclude weekends from the Burn-down charts.

This is an expected behavior and out product, the development team is yet to enhance this feature in the future releases by checking if the product supports it.

Potentially it could be possible, but it would require modifications to the Custom Chart ('Burndown') that renders the chart, as well as to the Script Includes that are used to generate the data for the charts (for example burndownmetrics, ReleaseBurndown, sprintburndown , Burndowmutil amongst others). 

But if this is to be implemented by the customers it falls out of customer support scope as what could be handled on a support incident.

If the customers still need assistance with this customization they can raise a request with our professional services team which is a paid service from ServiceNow.


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