Builds that are known to be affected (e.g. June 2011 Preview 2)
Jakarta, Jakarta P1H1

The Environment (e.g. Browser, Database, Server, sometimes OS)

Chrome, Firefox
Issue Description:
Using the 'at mention' (now/form/mention API) on comments or work notes can interrupt the current user's session.

If an end user navigates to an incident and tries inputting a work note using @<username>, it will never load the usernames. When this happens the session is ended, and navigating elsewhere will prompt the user to log in.

Business Impact:
Users are unexpectedly logged out of their instance

@ Mention never loads the user list.
End user can no longer navigate the instance

Example Error messages:
WARNING *** WARNING *** Get for non-existent record: vtb_card
SYSTEM WARNING *** WARNING *** User Mismatch

Steps to Reproduce


This issue occurs if the impersonating user is not visible to a user in the result list.

A message box will appear and persist, saying "Enter the name of a person you want to mention". The session is no longer active, and the user is logged out. Navigating anywhere in the instance will prompt you to log back in.


There is no workaround in place.

However please note, once upgrading to London (Fixed version), kindly add the following system property (if it doesn't exist):

Name: "glide.ui.mentions.check_record_visibility"
Type: True | False
Value: <either true or false>

true or false value is for enabling/disabling "Can See Record" feature respectively.

Related Problem: PRB1102152

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