When adding a list gauge (NOTE: this is different than a list report) to a dashboard, it doesn't behave properly. Attempting to cell-edit has no user feedback, as if the cells are read-only. These are the same lists/cells which can be edited on a homepage.  

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open a dashboard
  2. Select the plus icon (+) to Add Widgets
  3. Select Gauges > Incident > Unassigned Incidents, and click Add
  4. On the dashboard, double-click any cell on the newly-added widgets

    Expected behavior:
    The lists should allow the user to edit the fields

    Actual behavior:
    The lists are unresponsive.

    Why this is unexpected:
    If you return to the ITIL Homage (Self-Service >> Homepage >> ITIL Homepage), and use 'Add Content' to add the same widgets, the same user has no issue editing these lists from the homepage version. It is only on the Dashboard version where some lists behave this way.

    This is a strange, intermittent behavior. There are no errors in the client or logs. Sometimes, when the Dashboard loads, depending on the list, the user may or may not be able to edit the List Cells. I haven't been able to demonstrate steps to reproduce the intermittency, so I have submitted this using steps to reliably cause the unexpected read-only effect.


Do not use gauges as they are no longer supported. To add a list to a homepage or dashboard please use normal report lists and not gauges.

Related Problem: PRB1234720

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