Why do users not have access to dashboards created in this scope?
For scoped-admin enabled applications, ACLs for global metadata tables (including pa_dashboard) will default to scoped admin (for HR Core this is sn_hr_core.admin out of box). Thus, the global ACL logic that grants read access to a user that a dashboard is shared with will not run and not be evaluated.
Should it be a PRB?
This is considered to be a configuration issue rather than a potential PRB for the HR team. This is because we do not provide any 'out of the box' PA Dashboards in our HR Core scoped app.
What is the workaround?
1) Create a record in the sys_scoped_admin_acl_inheritance table with 'Human Resources: Core' Application for table 'pa_dashboards' (this will allow the global ACL rules from global to work for the HR Core scope) 
Attached to this knowledge article is a  sys_scoped_admin_acl_inheritance record which can be imported into your instance. This has been tested and has worked successfully for other customers.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:05:26