Reports added to a homepage or dashboard do not show the correct title of the reports. An example would be:

Report title is ABC. However, when this report is added to a homepage or dashboard it's showing the title as XYZ instead.


Kingston and beyond.


Chart title is populated for the affected reports.


1) Open the affected reports.
2) Change the report type to any other type (i.e. Bar; Saving the report is not needed yet at this point).
3) Go to Style -> Title -> Chart title.
4) Remove the Chart title value.
5) Change the report type back to list and save the report.

Additional Information

This information is applicable for list report type only:

Usually list reports do not allow the ability to add chart title. The likely cause of it having chart title is due to the report having been initially created as another type (i.e. bar type) where the chart title was set and then made it to list type after (chart title would still be populated as that won't be cleared out automatically when the report type changes).

For any other report types they might have chart title set due to the report records having gone through an insert (or insert and stay) process.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:05:33