Chats created by end users are Accepted by the agent, empty, and get stuck in a "Work in Progress" state.


All current releases.


This issue pertains to instances that have been upgraded and have migrated from using "Legacy" chat to "Connect" chat


Remnant links to the Legacy chat application still remain available for users to begin Legacy chat sessions. Users may have an old link to a page that contains the Legacy Chat or they may have found a link to a page from Google or some other search engine.


There is no OOB way to completely disable the Legacy Chat application. Since you have migrated to Connect, it is best practice to locate all remnant links to the Legacy chat throughout all the applications and UI's and remove anything that references the Legacy Social IT chat application to prevent users from being able to start Legacy chat sessions.

Additional Information

If you are unsure you are facing this particular issue with your chat application, you can examine the node logs and if you see queries for a table named "chat_roster" then the user tried to start a Legacy chat because this table is only used for Legacy chat.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:05:33