1. When launching the Password Reset Application, it will produce the following error.
    "Initialization Error: Unable to communicate with the ServiceNow instance for one of the following reasons: No network connection, the required plugin is not active, or you are using a ServiceNow release that is not compatible with the API"

  2. When you Check Eventviewer for errors log, we could see below screenshot below where one information entry log before the actual "Error log" contain information that the "Remote Certificate Public Key does not match"



  1. Check the registry Key for the Public Key that comes with the Installer at the following path.
    • Key Name: ServiceNowCertPublicKey
    • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{0780AF60-65C2-4718-942D-E0C56E89EF9B}] 
  2.  Compare that public key in Windows Registry with the Public Key from the Certificate on the Instance and see that they are different

Getting Public key from Instance:

  1. Access your instance (i.e https://<instance-name> in Internet Explorer
  2. Click on lock icon on the browser bar -> View certificates -> Details -> Public Key -> copy the key 
  3. Paste the key in a text editor (eg, Notepad) and compare with the key from registry.
  4. Copy the Public Key from the Instance
  5. Add or replace the existing key in Windows Registry with the key from Instance. As this field allows multiple public keys.
  6. Re-launch the Application and confirm that it worked.
  7.  You can then export that registry key and import it on other affected Windows host.

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