Demand Tasks are not showing up as items in the Worker Portal where time can be charged.



Reason: This is because the Demand (dmn_demand) table is not added to the default tables variable on relevant Widgets. To enable this:

a) As an admin, navigate to Service Portal ==> Widgets 
b) Search for widget name = 'Time Card Portal - Task Selector' and open the record. 
c) Scroll down to the Server Script section and add 'dmn_demand' to the 'defaultTables' variable. 
d) Save the record. 
e) Repeat the same steps for widget name = 'Time Card Portal Main Container' 
f) Add 'dmn_demand' to 'tables' within the server script. Save the records.


Please see screenshot which shows how a Demand record is displayed on the Worker Portal when the widgets are configured 


Applicable Versions

Recent Jakarta, Kingston & London releases.


Article Information

Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:46:12