User preference cmdb.baseline, if the value here does not match the CMDB Baseline value for a configuration item attached to an incident form then the incident form is saved when the reference icon hovers over.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a CMDB Baseline:
Name: Test
Table: cmdb_ci
Conditions: Class is Computer
- This may take time to complete, the way I found to check was to wait until the CMDB Baseline record shows ANNIE IBM in the related list: CMDB Baseline Entries.
2. Add the Configuration Item field to the Self Service view of the incident form
5. Create a user preference for Abel Tutor as below:
Description: Test
Name: cmdb.baseline
User: Abel Tutor
Type: String
Value: "Break it"
6. Add the "CMDB Baseline Diff" formatter to the cmdb_ci_computer form
7. Ensure the "Configuration Item" field is on the Incident Form
8. Impersonate Abel Tutor, create an Incident and select *ANNIE IBM as the item
9. Ensure your user preference is still set to "Break it" as specified in step 4
10. Once the incident is created and saved as above, hover over the reference icon to reveal the popup

Expected behavior:
Configuration Item details displayed in popup window

Actual behavior:
The form is submitted/saved and screen refreshed.
If you have a timer on the form, it will create a time card entry.


 Create a new form view called "sys_popup" and add the desired fields - make sure to omit the CMDB Baseline Diff formatter field from the selected column

Related Problem: PRB934800

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