This article will cover how to attach a Knowledge article's link instead of the article's content with regard to Incident Deflection.


Out of box, the user can accomplish this by performing the following:
  • In the left navigator, type "contextual" and navigate to Contextual Search > Search Contexts
  • Click into "Incident Deflection" and then into the Related List called "Table Configurations" > "Incident [incident]"
  • Once this page loads, there is a field called "KB attachment" - OOB the field value is "Embed article". The user can click on that value and choose "Embed link to article" instead

    : in London, once the user has navigated to "Table Configurations" > "Incident [incident]", under the "Search Action Configurations" Related List are two "Attach" configurations. Note their "Attachment type" is "Embed article" - simply change these over to "Embed link to article" as desired.

  • Save the form - the system will now attach a link to a KB instead of the entirety of the contents

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Jakarta, Kingston, London


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