All searches are going to be aggregated and displayed in all global search boxes as suggestions regardless of where they are issued from and who should be having access to seeing these results. 

When users type into the text search box it runs a search against the ts_search_stats table as follows:

The search_term column starts with the characters the user entered
The mean_hits column value is greater than zero

The results are then ordered by:

Listed by what the maximum # of choices is set to (glide.xmlhttp.max_choices system property).


To stop past search results displaying on Global Text Search in CMS, please see the following options available. 

NOTE: Please remember to test this thoroughly on a sub-production instance before pushing it to your production instance to ensure you do not run into any further issues.

Option 1 
Remove records from the ts_search_stats table

  1. Navigate to ts.search_stats.list from the filter navigator
  2. In the "Search term" column, put in the search that users are doing and find the necessary records
  3. Delete the records that are required to be removed

Option 2
Disable the past results from appearing for CMS 

  1. Navigate to sys_ui_macro.list from the filter navigator
  2. Search for the UI Macro named "global_text_Search_Widget"
  3. Remove line 16 and save the record

Applicable Versions

All versions are applicable

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Last Updated:2020-09-16 14:47:40