If cyberark credential is not correctly resolving inside servicenow, the first step is to test if the credential resolves correctly in the CyberArk end.


  1. In the CyberArk AIM client folder they should have a folder created for AppAuditLog which will show you entries for attempts made by discovery.
    2. There should be a service CyberArkApplicationPassword running from the CyberArkApplication password provider.
    3. On mid server, please navigate to the folder where the CyberArkAIM sdk is present and then run the following command:
    Clipasswordsdk.exe getpassword /p appdescs.appid=”YOUR_APP_ID” /p query=”safe=YOUR_SAFE_NAME;folder=YOUR_SAFE_FOLDER;object=YOUR_CREDENTIAL_ID” /o password

Once you run this command and the credential resolves, you should see an result from the command and also in the AppAuditLog you should see the entry of this credential request made.



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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:47:09