When using ref_ac_columns to populate additional columns in a reference list picker, the results appear to be formatted based on the number of columns with data. If there is no data in a column of reference field/list collector variable, then that column will be ignored which results in misalignment of the fields in the drop-down. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to the "Create Incident" record producer and in the Variable related list hit "New"
2. Create the following variable:
- Type = List Collector/Reference
- Catalog Item = Create Incident
- Question = Test List Collector
- Name = test_list_collector
- (Type Specifications tab) List table = User (sys_user)
- (Default Value tab) Variable attributes = ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter,ref_ac_columns_search=true,ref_ac_columns=email;user_name
3. Save the Variable
4. Navigate to sys_user.list and go to Abel Tuter's user record
5. Delete his user_name and save
6. Navigate to the Create Incident in Service Portal
7. Click on the List collector
Expected: The columns stay in formatted order regardless of whether a record is missing a piece of data (user_name) in a referenced column
Actual: The columns reorder for each record based on how much data that record has for the referenced columns


Columns selected as display columns for a reference field should be populated. The current behavior is by design, but it does have this negative side-effect when a record has unpopulated values for the display columns. So use only the columns with data for the ref_ac_columns display columns in a reference field or list collector variable.

Related Problem: PRB1240258

Seen In

Kingston Patch 7

Intended Fix Version

New York

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