When hovering over or clicking the reference icon, the popup is displaying the incorrect fields that should be there.



The most likely cause for this to be happening is that there is no sys_popup view for that table.

You can tell this if you go to the sys_ui_view table and open up the sys_popup record.
Under the "Form Sections" section, you can then filter for the table that is in question.

If the table doesn't exist in the form sections of the sys_popup record, then the popup will display
a section from the primary view of the list / form you are seeing the discrepancy.
It will choose which section view [0,1,2,...X,Y,Z] alphanumerically from the sections sys_id.

An example of this would be if you are looking at the RM_story list in the "scrum" view, and there are no sys_popup views for this RM_story.
It will choose one of the sections from the Scrum view.

The scrum view has 3 sections. Primary, Notes, and Related Records
Example (these are fake record sys_id's)
Section 0 (default):[instance]/ 
Section 1 (Notes):[instance]/
Section 2 (Related Records): [instance]/

If you look at the sys_id's here, notes starts with a 1, so the system will use 'Notes' as the view for the popup. 


The way to fix this is to create a sys_popup view for that table.

  1. Open a record within the table affected
    2. Right click the header, choose configure -> form layout 
    3. Under section create new. name is "sys_popup" 
    4. It will create a single section and give the default items from the default view. 
    5. Customize this view all you would like 
    6. Verify that the sys_popup view has a form section for rm_story 
    7. Verify that the popup is using that view by hovering over the popup and seeing if the changes you made in the configure -> form layout are in the popup. 


There is one caveat here. If you create this in a sub prod and either put in an update set or import xml,
it may be necessary to perform a on the instance it was transferred to.

If after this has been done and there is still an issue, please open a ticket in HI referencing this article so the engineer assigned has a good place to start.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:06:16