MID Server upgrade fails. Review of agent logs reveals error:

Gobbling stderr: cmd.exe /C bin\glide-dist-upgrade.bat start Gobbled: ERROR   | wrapper   | 2015/09/28 09:40:14 | The ServiceNow Platform Distribution Upgrade () service is not installed - The specified service does not exist as an installed service

Note: This article focuses on Windows MID servers only


Update MID server service account to run as either:

  • Local Administrator
  • Local System

Updating a service account in windows:

  1. Run command "services.msc" to open up windows services.
  2. Right click on the MID server service and select properties.
  3. Select the "Log On" tab.
  4. Update account and click "Apply".
  5. Restart service to use newly configured account.

Additional Information

Service now advises to have the MID server service account to be a local administrator in windows systems.

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