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Issue Description:
A dynamic message is sent to a Connect conversation via some logic. The message does not appear until the page is refreshed.  This affects ConnectMessageSender, Conversation API (sn_connect.Conversation), and custom implementations.

Succinct description of what is breaking and the conditions:
A Business Rule which invokes some logic to post a new [live_message] to an active conversation. The BR executes and is successful, but the message doesn't display to the users. Going back or refreshing displays the message in the Connect space.

Business Impact:
Logic working in previous versions stops working in Kingston. Kingston expects the Conversation API to be utilized in place of ConnectMessageSender or other dynamic implementations. However, collectively all methods are failing.

An example script excerpt can be seen below:

var postMsg = "Here is my message";
var conversation = sn_connect.Conversation.get(grLiveGroupProfile.sys_id + "");
conversation.sendMessage(postMsg, "comments");

This uses the Conversation API as defined in the docs here:

Steps to Reproduce

Include pre-requisites when reproducing the issue on a default version demo instance. (e.g. activate a certain plugin)

If not already, Active the plugin 'Connect Support' (with demo data)
If not already, Active the plugin 'Connect Scriptable APIs'

1. Access a Kingston instance
2. Introduce a BR implementing the Conversation API's sendMessage method
3. Impersonate an end user (ex: Abel Tuter) and Support Agent in separate browser sessions
4. Navigate to a Connect Queue on the instance (ex: <instance>.com/$
5. Start a conversation
6. Invoke BR per defined logic

Expected behavior:
A message should be posted to the conversation

Actual behavior:
Nothing appears to happen. If you refresh, you see the message posted successfully.


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Related Problem: PRB1296680

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Kingston Patch 9

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