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Jakarta Patch 7
Issue Description:
KB article display an outdated version when clicking the KB card on Chat panel and entered by KB number on message box on the Chat window
See attached screenshot for reference

Steps to Reproduce

On OOB instance (demonightlykingston and Jakarta Patch 7):
activate 'The Knowledge Management Advanced' plugin includes feature code and demo data

1. Create a new vesion on a KB Article, for example: KB0010017 v4.0
2. Impersonating user: Abel Tuter to open a Chat queue: Customer Service
3. imperonatin as agen: John Jason to Accept the call
4. Enter the KB article on the message box: KB0010017 then press enter or return key
5. Clicking the KB article Cart inside the Chat panel to open the article
6. KB article display an outdated version on the screen

Expected behavior: KB article display last version

Actual behavior: KB article display an outdated version


The general expectation in the platform is that number values are unique.  This is obviously not the case with KB articles, but there is currently no timeline for fixing the issue in the near future.

Related Problem: PRB1249712

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