The purpose of this article is to communicate the fact that Servicenow platform do not support Right-to-Left (RTL) alignment in Service Portal at the moment.

Some languages are written from the right to the left (RTL)  such as Arabic and Hebrew (this is not the case of other very popular languages such as English, which writes from the left to right (LTR)). In the next section of this KB article, there is an example of a RTL language (Hebrew) in a Portal page. Note that the texts are showing with LTR alignment in Service Portal (sp) even though that language, in reality, is supposed to be written from the RTL.



  1. Install Hebrew (Navigate to System Definition > Plugins, and activate I18N: Hebrew Translations).
  2. Hop into an instance in Kingston.
  3. Go to Hebrew language and notice that the Text Direction is set to Right-to-Left:
    • Hebrew language URL:
  4. Switch language to "Hebrew"(click the cog wheel icon on the banner frame and select "Hebrew" for the field 'Language'). 
  5. Go to
  6. Notice the text direction is still from LTR instead of RTL



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