1. Create a Procurement Order 
2. Create a PurchaseOrder line item 
3. Click Order on the Purchase order
4. Click Receive on Purchase order , Enter any number in Receiving Quantity, Reserve it for any User - You will see Assets created . this may generate Erroneous numbers as there is no check to see if the remaining quantity matches with a percentage of Received quantity 
On the Receivable form, you can enter any number you want resulting in Performance issues with wrong Asset numbers created. 
As I could not find any documentation and the partner (their customers are worried on this issue of human error),  is this by Design or PRB.  This leads to human error putting in any number and is reproducible OOB.
There should be some checking on the Receivables, The ProcurementUtil Script include does not do any checks and ends up creating more assets than requested


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As per product Owner:
This behavior is expected behavior because we needed to handle a use case where a vendor could over ship so one would want to receive more than ordered. As the expectation is with the receiving dock is to most likely accept the over-shipped number the platform was designed this way. 



This is by product design, the best workaround is customization to add a validation check as per the client's needs.  



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