The HR application has custom Approve and Reject UI actions for the sysapproval_approver form. These UI actions check whether the record being approved is an HR Case to determine whether to display or not.

This check may be utilizing a GlideRecord lookups against the HR Case table instead of a class name check (triggering HR "Restrict Query" business rule processing, even for non-HR approvals). 

This can result in slow page load for the approval form when there are lots of approval records or tasks in the system.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. As admin, add a log statement to the HR Case "Restrict Query" business rule script.
  2. Log in as a user with no HR roles who has a requested Approval record for a non-HR record (such as Change Request).
  3. As the non-HR User, load the sysapproval_approver form for the non-HR approval.
  4. Inspect the system logs and see that the added message appears several times.


Navigate to the Approve (sys_id = 3062e5f7c3012200b599b4ad81d3ae1c) and Reject (sys_id = 1a34ded1c3112200b599b4ad81d3aeb4) UI Actions and change the following replacement in the condition: 


new GlideRecord('sn_hr_core_case')).get(current.sysapproval+'')

Replace with:
 >= 0

Related Problem: PRB1292852

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Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1

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