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Issue Description:
Users are locked out [sys_user.locked_out] when active is set to false. However, when active is made true, the user remains locked out.

Business Impact:
Users who are made active are expected to be able to log into the instance. Instead, an additional step must be made to ensure the user is not still locked out.

Investigations and current status:

This is working as designed. There are situations where an active user can (and should) be locked out. Admins can add their own business rule logic (probably to an additional business rule) if they are sure they always want to unlock a reactivated user. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Hop into and instance.
2. Navigate to sys_user.list and select any user (ex:
3. Uncheck the 'active' checkbox on the user's form and save.
4. Observe the 'locked out' is automatically set to checked.
5. On the same user form, check the 'active' checkbox and save.

Expected behavior:
Locked out should be removed (the user should be able to log into the instance)

Actual behavior:
Locked out is still checked and user cannot access the instance.


This is working as designed.  Custom logic may be used if you're certain you always want to unlock a re-activated user.

Related Problem: PRB1296058

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