When using UI15, the new reporting UI is broken when using any different theme other than System.

Steps to Reproduce

This is reproducible in Jakarta Patch 9c. It works fine in Jakarta Patch 8b.

  1. Login to out of box instance.
  2. Switch to UI 15
  3. Navigate to Reports > Create New
  4. If using the Classic UI, click on "Switch to New UI" link
  5. Try creating a simple report and notice that everything works as expected.
  6. Now change the theme of the instance other than "System", such as Heisenberg.
  7. Navigate back to Reports > Create New.
  8. If using the Classic UI, click on "Switch to New UI" link

    Actual behavior:
    There is additional white space added to the left of report configuration. Additionally, there is no content displaying on the main section. If you scroll down, the report is displayed at the bottom.
    Please check attached screenshot for reference [report.png]

    Expected behavior:
    The report should behave the same way for themes other than System.


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Related Problem: PRB1301376

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There is no data to report.

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 12

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There is no data to report.

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