Our platform doesn't allow user to set up title for the list report. Report name will be used as the title by default. This article, will brief on how can the user add a title for the list report. 

Release or Environment

Any supported release.


Steps to Reproduce

If you would like to modify existing title of list report or you want to add a new title, you can do it in either of the following ways, 

1. Change the report type temporarily as per below steps, 

a. Open the affected reports. 
b. Change the report type to any other type eg:bar type(you no need save it) 
c. Go to style -> title. 
d. Remove chart title or set it to new value as you wanted, change the report type back to list and save the report. 


2. Update the report title on the report form as per below steps, 

a. As an admin navigate to sys_report.list 
b. Open any report from the list and it will open the report in report form 
c. Now right click on report form header => Configure => Form Layout 
d. Add "Chart title" to the selected items and then save form 
e. Now on the report form you will have "Chart Title" field, you can edit it as per your business need. 

Below screenshots explains the option 2.

Step 1 - Report lists

Step 2 - Configure form

Step 3 - Add chart title to form

Step 4 - Chart title

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Configure form layout


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