When we switch the instance language to other than English, for example French, the contextual search header of a catalog record producer, should be translated on the platform, also on Service Portal. 

But at times, it will not be translated ("will present english version of text") or will be presented empty as in below screenshot.


Any supported release. 


There is no translation exists for the "Results header text" field of Record producer configuration record ("cxs_rp_config") and hence system was presenting the empty text or english version of text for the contextual search header. 


Create corresponding translation entries for the contextual record producer header in relevant language as per below steps,

  1. As an admin, navigate sys_translated_text.list table 
  2. Create new entry as below,
    1. Document => Click on the lookup and select Table name as "Base UI Configuration(cxs_ui_config_base)" and select document as appropriate record producer 
    2. Save the sys_translated_text entry
  3. Open the same entry and select Field name as "Results header text" 
  4. Select language as "French" (select language as needed) 
  5. Select table as "Record Producer configuration" 
  6. Fill the translation into "Value" field and save the record.

This would create the translation entry as shown below and it should resolve the issue.

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