Manual approvals in approval coordinator will be skipped during upgrade even when the approvers are added before the workflow reaches the approval coordinator. 




Due to the change in activity definitions in Helsinki and Kingston the manual approval activity finishes its execution even though there are manual approvers waiting to be approved. 

The issue occurs when there are change requests created before upgrade and approve them after upgrade(this will trigger the workflow and skip the Manual approval activity because there are missing fields that are required in Kingston) 
Now if the property is enabled: 
1) it can pull in approvals that are created after the A/C is executed 
2) it can update approvals created before Jakarta which are missing fields that are needed for approvals to work in Jakarta and beyond.


In order avoid this behavior on change requests that are created before upgrade, please add the property "glide.manual.approval.pickup_on_update" and set the value to true.
Steps to add property:
1. Under system properties > click on "all properties" > click on "new" 
2. Name - glide.manual.approval.pickup_on_update 
3. type - true/false 
4. value to true. 

Additional Information

The same property also helps in a scenario where the workflow is at approval coordinator that contain manual approver activity and if you try to add manual approvers.

The property then recognizes the approvals and will make the manual approver activity run again. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:06:37