If the user changes the groupby/stackby field in an interactive dropdown under a drilldown report chart, the main report shows some random interactive groupby dropdown. A similar behaviour is observed in the report builder too.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a Bar report on the Incident table with groupby: 'Active' & additional groupby 'Created by'.
2. Add a drill pie report with groupby "Assigned to" and additional groupby 'Assignment group'.
3. Save the Report.
4. Drill down the main report to Pie.
5. In the drill chart generated, change group by in interactive dropdown at the bottom of the report. Notice the main Bar report gets generated.
6. Go to the drill report in the navigation tree, save the changes in Save and Continue popup. Notice that there are 3 interactive dropdowns now on drilled Pie report.


Create new reports which individually include the desired drill-down, so that they appear on the dashboard. For instance, one report for grouping by domain, one report for grouping by vendor, and then create widgets for each as desired.


Related Problem: PRB718172

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There is no data to report.

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There is no data to report.

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