How to modify or remove the table details on the exported PDF?


When you go to the Form Context menu Export > PDF (Portrait) / PDF ( Landscape). The exported PDF contains the report attributes like Report Title, Run By, Table Name, Run Date and Time for the form and also for every related list for this view on the form.

To remove the report header from the export PDF, you can make this property "glide.pdf_export_from_form_list.showreport_attrs" to false, but changing this property will not remove the headers from the related list.


You can achieve this by configuring a UI Action on the form which on clicking, you will be redirected to the view which contains the fields that you want to print. However, when you have related list configured to this view, it still shows the related list header details so to remove these you can create a UI script to hide the related list header.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:06:42