Setting up an "Orphan Rule" to find CIs with no relationships then running scheduled job 'CMDB Health Dashboard - Correctness Score Calculation' will not produce any results if "cmdb_rel_ci" table has bad records with empty parent or child.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
2. Select a class from the Class Hierarchy.
3. On the right-hand side navigation pane, check Advanced, expand the Correctness strip, and click Orphan Rule
4. In the Relationship Field, choose Any Relation and Any Class respectively.
NOTE: "cmdb_rel_ci" table needs to have bad records with empty parent or child.


1. Navigate to "cmdb_rel_ci" table 
2. Specify the condition a) where parent is blank 
3. Specify the condition b) where child is blank 
4. run the query 
5. select all the records and delete them. 

Related Problem: PRB1259137

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 4

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