Currently it is easy to create a duplicate, personal copy of a Homepage in a ServiceNow instance, however the steps to create a global copy is not as straightforward.  The following procedures will detail the steps to create a global copy of a Homepage which is not limited to a specific user account.


Note that if you stop at step 5, you will have a personalized copy of that homepage.  Thus, if you want to simply create a personalized copy of the Homepage, you can use steps 1 to 5.
  1. Log into the instance with an account having admin rights to the instance.
  2. Browse to the following location on the instance: Self Service -> Homepage.
  3. From the pull down menu of Homepage, select the Homepage you want to duplicate which should then displayed.
  4. Click the button at the far right in the Homepage display that reads Change Layout.  We will not actually be changing the layout of the Homepage (although any changes made to the layout will be reflected in the final copy), but rather are selecting this to force the functionality to run that will allow us to duplicate the Homepage.

  5. A dialog box will appear showing various layout options that can be selected.  Click the button on the lower right titled Change.
  6. The display will return to the Homepage, however this will be a new, Personal copy of the same Homepage with the name My Homepage.

  7. Browse to the following location on the instance: Homepage Admin -> Pages.
  8. Search in the list to locate the Homepage with the name "My Homepage" and open that Homepage record for editing.
  9. Remove the text found in the User field, ensuring it shows as completely blank.
  10. Type a unique view name in the View field.  This should be any text that is not already used elsewhere for another Homepage's View field.  Note that this does not correspond to actual records in the Views table in the system but rather is just a way that this particular Homepage can be identified in the system.
  11. Select an Order value for this duplicate homepage  This will determine the position the Homepage shows in the list of Homepages displayed in the pull-down menu.
  12. Click the Selectable checkbox to ensure it shows as checked.  This will ensure the Homepage will be a selectable option in the pull down list of Homepages.
  13. Change the Title field to something that is indicative of the data found on the Homepage.  This title will identify this Homepage in the Homepages list.
  14. Click the Write Roles edit button.
  15. Use the slush bucket list to select the roles you want to have edit rights to this Dashboard.
  16. After selecting all the applicable roles, click the Done button.
  17. Click the Read Roles edit button.  Select the roles you want to have viewer rights to this Dashboard.  After selecting all the applicable roles, click the Done button.

  18. Click the Update button.


The new Homepage should then appear in the Homepage list for users who have Read rights to this new Homepage.

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