When clicking on the module Upgrade Monitor the following is displayed:


Here are some of the most common reasons:
  • Upgrade occurred more than 30 days ago:
    By default, the Upgrade Monitor changes from displaying this:

    to this:

    ...30 days after an upgrade completes.  The Execution Trackers [sys_execution_tracker] table is flushed by a policy located in the Auto Flushes [sys_auto_flush] table ('System Maintenance -> 'Table Cleanup') every 30 days.  
  • Under the module Upgrade History, the field Upgrade finished is blank.
  • Instance is in Debug mode. The scheduler workers will be missing from the / page.

When Action Is Needed

If the upgrade occurred less than 30 days ago please do the following:

  • In 'Scripts - Background' run the script:
    NOTE: Please be aware users may experience some performance issues temporarily until the cache data is rebuilt.
  • If the above script does not correct the issue, please contact ServiceNow Support.


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:50:45