Any restrictions in place to restrict a user from occupying a (fm_space).


If space is marked as Non "Occupiable", the system should not allow users to create move requests for this Space.

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Upon reviewing this further, it seems that the "Occupiable" field is only used when rollups are applied through Occupancy of an are. The Facilities Service Management application can roll up occupancy, area, and usage information from lower to higher levels in the space hierarchy. Roll-ups apply to spaces that are designated as 'occupiable'. The occupancy values from that space are rolled up to the level above them.
An occupiable space is designated by selecting the checkbox on the facility space record. The Current occupancy and Percent occupied fields rely on the Occupiable option. Roll up calculations are modified in a script include.
As discussed, to achieve desired behavior it seems that a business rule can be created on the (fm_space) table which would abort action if the "Occupiable" field is set to "False" and add an info message which will let the user know that the associated space is not Occupiable.
As documented below, during a before business rule script, you can cancel or abort the current database action using the current.setAbortAction(true) method.
For example, if the before the business rule is executed during an insert action, and you have a condition in the script that calls current.setAbortAction(true), the new record stored in current is not created in the database.

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