When Demand go to Screening, the assessment created does not trigger a notification. It is hard for customers to navigate to the assessment instances if they do not know there is one available.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new Demand
- Name: TEST-request, Category: Strategic, Type: Enhancement, Portafolio: IT Transformation,
Program: ServiceNow implementation and Rollout, Demand Manager: Abel Tuter (architect).

1.1 Add a Stakeholder.
On the Demand, on stakeholder, click "New", add "Alejandra Prenatt", - , High,High, Leading, Approver: Yes, Assessment recipient:Yes

1.2 On the Demand, click "Submit"

1.3 On the Demand, click "Screen"

2. Check an assessment instance was created

You will see the the actual result shows there is not a notification sent to the assigned to.


To receive notification for Demand "assessment instances" you need to modify OOTB notification
"Survey User Invite", and modify the qualification to


That is, add an
"OR all of these conditions must be met" -
Metric Type.Evaluation Method=Assessment AND
Assigned to is not empty AND
Metric Type.Name = "Demand" AND
State changes to "Ready to take" or Assigned to changes.

Related Problem: PRB1294507

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