Procurement Module Receiving Issue - Item Won't Receive






Data corruption while creating the consumable item.



The issue is caused due to some data corruption when we the consumable items were created.
The issue is happening to two consumables,
20" Monitor w/ adjustable height stand (3 Yr Warranty) and
23" Monitor w/ adjustable height stand (3 Yr Warranty) 
When we go to the "Consumable model" table and right click on the above-mentioned consumables and click 'Show Matching' we could see that it won't display any records.
This might be the same behavior that we will be experiencing when we click "Receive" and the system could not find the consumable. Therefore the status would not be updated.
When the above two consumables were created,there were 29 other consumables created at the same time but the issue occurs only for the above two consumables.
I believe there should have been some data corruption occurred while we were trying to create those two consumables and due to it, we are facing the issue.
We can prevent the issue by changing any field on those two records and updating the record. 
For those two records, we can add a - or . at the end of the Name field and then click save. (by this way we are forcing a database update and it should now remove the data corruption). Then we can remove the character that was added and click save again (to retain the original name).
Now the issue would be resolved.
For the purchase order records that are stuck in prod,
we can go to those orders and then click receive again, it should now change the status to "Received".


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:06:51