When two-step checkout is enabled and when we use scripted web services to order an item (by passing in the custom cart with the sys_id of the item as a parameter to n_sc.CartJS), all items in the DEFAULT cart is being ordered instead of the specified item in the request body. 





This is a bug in the platform and a PRB1297366 is created to fix the issue. 



The dev team is working on a fix for this issue at the time of this writing (PRB1297366).
However, we have a workaround to resolve the issue.
 we can make use of the OOB REST API named "Buy Item", which has this endpoint,
POST https://<instance-name>{sys_id}/order_now
One modification is required to get over the issue and it is to add this parameter along with other parameters to the request body,
'get_portal_messages': 'true'
Now it will directly order the item specified in the request body rather than all the items in the DEFAULT/portal cart.
To test the endpoint, please navigate to "System Web services" -> "REST" -> "REST API EXPLORER"
2. Select theNamespace -> sn_sc
3. Click on the API named "Buy Item (POST)"
4. Give the sys_id of the item being ordered.
5. Please provide variable values, if any, for the item.
6. Add the quantity (sysparm_quantity) and the above mentioned parameter, 'get_portal_messages': 'true'.
Click send.
Now we can see from the response that it orders only the item being specified and not all the items in the DEFAULT cart.

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