Negative numbers are converted to positive due to stripping the minus sign. This fix for PRB742211 caused a regression to where we are no longer supporting setting a negative amount and strip out the minus when in setValue.   

Steps to Reproduce

1. From System Properties > System Localization, set "glide.system.locale" property to "en.AU".

2. Log out, close your browser and log back in.

3. From Dictionary, create two fields of type Currency on Incident table:

4. Add the two fields to the incident form

5. Create an onChange Client Script on incident.u_cur_a with the following script:

function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading, isTemplate) {
if (isLoading || newValue === '') {
g_form.setValue('u_cur_b', g_form.getValue('u_cur_a'));
// g_form.setValue('u_cur_b', '', g_form.getValue('u_cur_a')); // same as above
// g_form.setValue('u_cur_b', '12'); // should enter 12.00 with the locale's currency type
// g_form.setValue('u_cur_b', '12', '34'); // should enter 34.00 with the locale's currency type

NOTE how both fields have their currency codes set to "AUD" (see "screen shot - before")

6. On the form, change the value of Cur A to a negative amount

All of the commented lines can be used for fully testing the setValue method.

Expected Behaviour: both fields should still have the currency codes set to "AUD" and the amount should be negative

Actual Behaviour: The field changed by the client script has its currency code reverted to a posative amount


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Related Problem: PRB1252252

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Jakarta Patch 3
Jakarta Patch 4

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